How USA Today Sports utilizes staff predictions to enhance its betting brand.

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Since launching in 2019, Tallysight has helped 470+ sports media outlets and 3,500+ content creators make, manage, publish, and monetize 1 million pieces of sports betting and media content. This customer story explains how USA Today Sports leverages staff prediction-based content to engage, educate, and convert its sports betting audience.

USA TODAY has been publishing staff predictions since 2005 — one of the earliest adopters in sports media. Now with over 200+ sports sites in their portfolio, staff picks is how they engage readers interested in everything from pick’em pools to gambling opinions to strictly entertainment.

Nate Davis spearheaded the staff picks feature when he joined USA TODAY’s NFL desk in 2005, believing “there was always going to be great interest in picking and analyzing NFL games” and it became a weekly staple both online and in print. “That was essentially the same period of time when survivor pools were coming into the mainstream. [Now that sports betting has become mainstream] I’m sure the gambling crowd is grateful for another set of opinions,” Nate noted.

The “gamble” appears to have paid off. In July 2021, USA TODAY parent company Gannett struck a five-year agreement with Tipico that includes $90 million in media spend by Tipico together with performance incentives payable to Gannett for customer referrals.

To help power its new sports betting partnership with Tipico, USA TODAY trusted Tallysight’s turnkey plugins for smarter content management, affiliate integrations, and performance tracking.

Over 60+ staff writers were equipped with powerful marketing tools to create more content and engage their audiences all season long. As Nate puts it, no more “manual scoring burdens.”

USA Today Sports

"Staff picks have always been a popular feature and seem to maintain and even expand the interest level it generates."

Nate Davis

NFL Editor

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