About Tallysight

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to enhance the online sports gaming experience.

As a growing software company, we’re developing the essential infrastructure at the crossroads of commerce, creativity, and community. We offer tools that empower brands and creators to build, grow, and monetize their offerings, contributing to the health and diversity of the digital sports ecosystem.

Starting our journey as a peer-to-peer betting app, we shifted our focus in response to a greater calling: supporting the unsung heroes of sports gaming—the creators. In today's world, where sports are a global passion and digital content is omnipresent, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges creators face. The hurdles are significant, the financial demands steep.

At Tallysight, we’re addressing these challenges head-on. We imagine a future where every sports fan can share their voice, where insights and stories find their audience with ease, and the true essence of sports gaming flourishes freely. Our platform isn’t just a suite of services; it’s a commitment to community and innovation, carefully crafted to support creators in making their mark. Together, we're ensuring sports gaming remains as dynamic and vibrant as the games themselves.

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The leading growth platform with built-in connections to create, publish, and monetize in sports gaming.

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