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Share real-time content like picks,predictions,promos, and live odds – all with just one link. Tallysight makes it easy to connect your social media, website, newsletter, podcast, videos,and more.


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"Tallysight has enabled our betting content operation to scale significantly, while driving revenue growth and fostering a premium user experience. In addition to a seamless and cutting edge product, the team behind Tallysight has provided exceptional support to problem solve and develop solutions to allow our team to continuously reach new revenue growth targets."

Jeff Friedlander

VP of Conversions, Minute Media

Frequently asked questions

What is Tallysight?

Tallysight's mission is to help more sports fans earn money online. Our collaborative software platform offers real-time data and analytics, cutting-edge content creation and distribution tools, and a dedicated support team to ensure your experience is hassle-free.

Who is Tallysight a fit for?

Tallysight's tools are designed to help content creators, marketing teams, and media brands in sports betting and gaming succeed in this exciting and growing industry. Whether you're a sports betting expert or just getting started, Tallysight’s has digital tools to help you grow and monetize your audience.

How does it help me?

Tallysight provides easy-to-use software tools to help you simplify the steps needed to manage and produce digital sports betting content at scale (data, content, analytics, and performance-based marketing).

Tallysight integrates directly with sports betting and gaming brands to help you grow your relationships and monetization opportunities.

Does it cost me anything?

It’s free to get started on Tallysight. There are additional premium features you can chose to upgrade for a monthly subscription fee.

How does Tallysight make money?

Once you start monetizing on Tallysight, we keep a share of your earnings for operating costs like development and customer support. We only make money when you do.

Is this legal to do?

Tallysight is only used for content and informational purposes. Tallysight does not facilitate any kind of wagers or transactions on the platform. In other words, it's like sharing a post on Twitter. Tallysight only partners with sports betting operators that are licensed and operating legally in their jurisdiction. Tallysight does not promote or link to any unlicensed or illegal sports betting operators on their platform. In other words, Tallysight ensures that all sports betting partnerships and relationships are established only with legitimate and legally compliant operators.

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