How Sports Gambling Podcast Network leverages Tallysight’s content marketing toolkit to become one of the fastest-growing podcast brands in the U.S.

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The Overview

With the help of Tallysight, SGPN increased its network of creators and influencers from 10 to 50, and published over 93,000 unique conversion experiences... and counting. In 2022, they continue to expand their creator network into new markets and more niche sports. Co-founder Sean Green said, “People see, read, or listen to the content made by our creators and want to become a part of the team. They see the community that’s sprung up around our company and want to be a part of it.” SGPN is projecting over 7 million downloads for 2022.

The Backstory

The Sports Gambling Podcast Network™ (SGPN), launched in 2017, is a media outlet centered around all things sports gaming. A lineup of 17 different podcast shows and written content ensures that listeners and readers are never at a loss for quality sports gaming content. A big fixture to their content strategy includes expert picks across all major and niche sports. A listener review on Apple Podcasts said, “SGPN stands out because of the depth and intensity of its offerings. Simple as that. Your time is well spent because selections and rationale are paramount, the experts are accountable and the content is smart and entertaining.

After US sports betting legalization in 2018, SGPN picked up mainstream appeal in sports media, leaping from 350,000 podcast downloads to 3.1 million in 2021. Sports fans seeking informative and entertaining sports gaming content found SGPN to be their preferred podcast destination. Todd Gilchrist from the LA Business Journal writes, “The camaraderie they’ve generated with listeners has paid off: Between 2017 and 2021, SGPN’s revenue grew tenfold. And they show no signs of slowing down.”

During this period of growth, SGPN’s network of content creators grew from 10 to over 50 in just twenty-four months. As their team grew, so did the complexities in scaling a sound content strategy. “You’re managing google docs or spreadsheets or you’re trying to manage something,” said SGPN co-founder Ryan Kramer.

Staff widgets embed directly onto every website for a clean looking graphic that is automatically updated with the results once a game concludes.

This is when SGPN turned to Tallysight to power their creator-driven content monetization strategy. Ryan Kramer said, “Scaling this as an organization has been easy. The process of onboarding a new person is easy. There’s very little friction on the platform and it takes a non-technical person a very small amount of time to understand how the platform works.” SGPN was able to eliminate the headaches and challenges with being a sports gaming publisher. Ryan added, “content management has been reduced to almost nothing.”

How SGPN uses Tallysight

SGPN’s content creators use Tallysight to manage, publish, and monetize sports gaming content on digital and social media channels. Tallysight’s no-code platform was built to empower creators and influencers to drive more revenue from sports gaming content. Sean said, “Having an autonomous platform to generate something that looks amazing was key for us.”

SGPN looks to continue their growth into 2022 and beyond. Having partnered with Blue Wire Network, SGPN is anticipating over 7 million downloads this year. Leveraging their content creators, SGPN will continue to employ Tallysight's tools to strengthen audience engagement and drive performance marketing monetization.

Sharing your picks should be an easy and enjoyable experience with as little stress on the creator as possible. SGPN branded graphics assets across web, social, and mobile for increased conversion experiences.
Sports Gambling Podcast Network

“There’s very little friction on the platform and it takes a non-technical person a very small amount of time to understand how the platform [Tallysight] works. Having an autonomous platform to generate something that looks amazing was key for us.”

Ryan Kramer

Co-Founder & Host of SGPN

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