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Minute Media is a global technology and digital content company that powers the creation, distribution, consumption and monetization of third party publishers and advertisers as well as its own sports and culture content brands. Its US sports audience includes popular sites like the FanSided Network, The Big Lead, The Player’s Tribune, and more. In 2022, with the US sports betting market reaching over 70% legalization and an estimated annual ad spend of $7 billion, Jeff Friedlander was appointed as Vice President of Conversions to spearhead the development and execution of affiliate marketing strategies for nearly 300 digital properties.


With a large and diverse offering of content properties, Minute Media was in search of a partner with a turn-key product specific to the sports betting space to enrich content and provide readers with a top-notch experience, and more effectively monetize content creation. With a full editorial team and additional stakeholders across multiple teams including marketing, product, and growth, it was vital to partner with a user-friendly product while also allowing for custom product enhancements unique to each property and channel. They evaluated other providers and services available, however, they encountered limitations with these providers in the customization of software to their workflow. Most importantly, Minute Media required a reliable partner whose product could quickly scale to keep up with the growing demand and appetite for sports betting content across Minute Media’s properties, while growing revenue and monetization.


When Minute Media was introduced to Tallysight, their team immediately recognized the platform's advantages and capabilities. Tallysight’s user-friendly platform and interface caters to the needs of every stakeholder across various teams, including content, marketing, growth, and product. Tallysight's advanced affiliate management platform and collaborative approach to problem solving made it the ideal partner for Minute Media. The company started a 30-day trial and quickly observed the benefits of Tallysight's tools in terms of increasing efficiency, collaboration, and real-time content and conversion experiences. The decision to expand the partnership after the first month was a no-brainer. "It gave us the confidence to keep growing," Jeff said. In the following months, Minute Media scaled Tallysight elements to five, 10, and then over 100 sites, with continued growth today.

“Tallysight has become an integral part of our team’s daily workflow as we continue to scale across new properties and sports markets.”

- Jeff Friedlander, VP of Conversions


Within a six-month period of adopting Tallysight, Minute Media increased its integration of Tallysight into betting content 75x (from 2 sites to 150). Broadening their betting content footprint with Tallysight also allowed for Minute Media to continue to solidify itself as a premium destination for sports fans of all kinds to consume approachable and engaging betting content and analysis, while simultaneously ensuring that scaling content resulted in additional avenues for monetization and growth in partnership with Tallysight’s custom solutions and tools. Additionally, in the months after adopting Tallysight’s content enrichment tools, Minute Media’s betting content offering saw growth in key user engagement metrics, including a 42% increase in session duration and 10% improvement in bounce rate, allowing for stickier content for additional monetization opportunities.

Cross-functional content, growth, and product teams were able to work together more efficiently by reducing the number of manual tasks to create, scale, and manage editorial and promotional content across all their digital properties — reaching millions of sports fans. Tallysight’s platform capabilities have also given the team the ability to quickly measure the performance of what type of betting elements are performing well and capturing the most value. This kind of real-time visibility gives them the insight they need to focus their attention on what really matters to the team.


Tallysight’s partnership with Minute Media is a strong example of how utilizing Tallysight’s customizable product and user-friendly toolkit to its full potential can produce an engaging content experience while providing additional ways to monetize content. Minute Media’s expansion to over 200 digital properties in mid 2023 with Tallysight’s full suite of betting content enrichments tools and solutions shows how the growth of this partnership will continue to be mutually beneficial in the future.

Minute Media

"Tallysight has enabled our betting content operation to scale significantly, while driving revenue growth and fostering a premium user experience. In addition to a seamless and cutting edge product, the team behind Tallysight has provided exceptional support to problem solve and develop solutions to allow our team to continuously reach new revenue growth targets."

Jeff Friedlander

VP of Conversions

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