Collaborative revenue tools for sports gaming content teams

Tallysight is the only no-code platform with turnkey connections to create, grow, and monetize sports gaming audiences on the internet.

Trusted by industry leading brands and media publishers


Publish engaging content, at scale

Automate the busy work and streamline editorial workflows with a centralized workspace. Generate white labeled assets without requiring marketers, graphic designers, or engineers.

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Plug-and-play connections with your partners and the tools you use daily

Save time by connecting your content with real-time data powered by your sportsbooks and other partners.


Unlock new revenue with audience monetization

Drive activation and engagement with easy-to-use promotion management powered by smart geolocation technology and automation. Bring your affiliate revenue efforts in one place, from link monetization to editorial tools to reporting.

The Tallysight Difference


more engagement by sharing real-time, interactive, and influencer-driven content.


more efficiency realized by eliminating manual and repetitive content and marketing tasks.


more impressions by automating creation and distribution across social and digital channels.


Measure performance and get to know your traffic

Understand what content works by drilling down into audience engagement. Dive deep into your marketing campaigns and measure what performs best with automated reporting.


Harness your creators to reach new audiences online

Equip content creators, editorial, and social media teams with no-code marketing tools. Publish picks, tips, and leaderboards on social media and more digital channels to drive engagement and tap into the power of community.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
"We've been using Tallysight as part of our partnership with DraftKings for the past five months. This has given us a chance to experiment with new product ideas and user experiences as we develop new ways to meet our partnership goals. The Tallysight team has been a breeze to work with and is receptive to ideas for improving how their products are used on partner sites."
David Fucillo
Head of Sports Betting Content
SB Nation/Vox Media
"The Tallysight platform is very intuitive and has provided us with a seamless process related to affiliate management. While sportsbooks frequently change their bonus offers and launch in new states, there is an ease to updating these details that is refreshing. Response time from the developers is very speedy to resolve any issues, and the platform allows us to be very efficient with our time."
Eldar Swartsman
Senior Accounts Coordinator
Catena Media
"Tallysight has enabled our betting content operation to scale significantly, while driving revenue growth and fostering a premium user experience. In addition to a seamless and cutting edge product, the team behind Tallysight has provided exceptional support to problem solve and develop solutions to allow our team to continuously reach new revenue growth targets."
Jeff Friedlander
VP of Conversions
Minute Media
“Scaling this as an organization has been easy. The process of onboarding a new person is easy. There’s very little friction on the platform and it takes a non-technical person a very small amount of time to understand how the platform works. Content management has been reduced to almost nothing.”
Ryan Kramer
Co-Host & Co-Founder
Sports Gambling Podcast Network
“Tallysight has been a game changer for our interaction with fans. Every content company struggles to branch out beyond their core competency and the ease of use with Tallysight's widgets, graphics was a clean transition into talking about our picks & betting strategies with our followers.”
Greg Tompsett
Co-Owner & Creator
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Collaborative software tools with turnkey connections to create, distribute, and monetize sports gaming content.

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