Georgia State Panthers @ Auburn Tigers


Georgia State Panthers
Auburn Tigers


Sep 25, 2021


AUB -27.5, O/U 57.5


College and Magnolia

AUB -3000

Auburn Tigers

AUB -27.5

Over 57.5

Tigers 52, Panthers 13
“I don't really care about the result of this game. There is such a talent gap that eventually AU will wear down the Panthers and win comfortably. What I care about is how this team looks in that first quarter. To me that will speak to this new culture. Do they come out hair on fire, looking to whoop up on somebody or do they need a half to shake off the emotion from last week? Most AU teams have been the latter. Real change would be seeing the former. I don't mean to say that a great first quarter means everything is fixed or if AU starts slow that means the season is doomed. But I do think how this team starts tells a big story about the mindset of this team heading into SEC play. If they come out looking sharp, playing fast, and executing at a high level, then you know they are using that PSU loss as fuel. If the putter around for a half and need another butt chewing to get going then you know that they are still in a bit of a funk from a tough loss. Tomorrow is a big opportunity for this team to take a step forward and be ready for the brutal stretch headed their way”

Picked on September 24, 2021