Akron Zips @ Auburn Tigers


Akron Zips
Auburn Tigers


Sep 4, 2021


AUBRN -37, O/U 55.5


College and Magnolia

AUBRN +0.1

Auburn Tigers

AUBRN -36.5

Over 55

Tigers 48, Zips 0
“Akron is a very bad football team. Like one of the worst in FBS bad. Even if Auburn played their worst game of the year they'd likely accidentally win by 3 scores so this game is less about the result and more about the process. Defensively, I think the Tigers shut out the Zips. This unit is deep and there aren't any big play threats on Akron's offense outside the legs of the QB. What I want to see though is a a fearsome pass rush and turnovers. Offensively, this needs to be a game where Bo Nix can spend five hours behind the line of scrimmage looking for an open wideout. There will likely be a handful of busts as this front works out some kinks but Nix should have plenty of time to throw. When he does, Nix needs to be accurate. Like not just completed the pass but hits wide receivers in stride or protects them from a big hit. Otherwise, this is going to be Auburn letting the OL get in their groove and getting reps for backup backs. I got Auburn shutting out the Zips thanks to the 3rd string defense continuing to smother Akron's offense in the 2nd half. Offensively, I think Auburn gets going quicker than people expect but doesn't throw it around as much as everyone hopes. Look for Dematrius Davis to provide some late game electricity when he gets in. It's here ya'll. Auburn football is back!”

Picked on September 1, 2021