Alabama State Hornets @ Auburn Tigers


Alabama State Hornets
Auburn Tigers


Sep 11, 2021


AUBRN -49, O/U 60.5

Josh Black

College and Magnolia

AUBRN +0.1

Tigers 66, Hornets 3
“Nothing says tune up game like an FCS opponent. This won't be close and we likely will learn nothing assuming we stay healthy. That's ok! My analysis is that everyone should go grab a Sunday night dinner at Lucy's over by Moore's Mill like I did last weekend when you're able. Their peach burrata, with locally grown tomatoes at Auburn's garden is the best thing I've eaten in ages. Only on Sundays do they serve their famous fried chicken, where they start by doing a 24-hour citrus brine, followed by a slathering of honey butter and a 4-hour long sous vide bath, then dressed in spices, and fried to perfection. It's served with a habanero honey and street corn that is just heavenly. For desert, you can never go wrong with their lemon pie. I'd recommend eating all of this with a significant other, and wash it down with 3-5 Native Nudists, a tequila/citrus beverage that will not disappoint. Remember the fried chicken is only served on Sundays, but admittedly their appetizers are so good that it hardly matters. Just go, and be happy. ”

Picked on September 9, 2021