Alabama State Hornets @ Auburn Tigers


Alabama State Hornets
Auburn Tigers


Sep 11, 2021


AUBRN -49, O/U 60.5

Jack Condon

College and Magnolia

AUBRN +0.1

Tigers 59, Hornets 3
“Whatever we take away from this game will be predicated on whatever Bryan Harsin wants us to take away from this game. I imagine we'll have a similar script to last week, with the starters going the full first half and a series after halftime. By that point in the game, they'll likely be up 35-0, 42-0, etc. I expect Jarquez Hunter gets around 15 carries in the second half and wows us like last week, and the defense gets closer to the shutout, but we're going to go deep into the roster this time and the ultra backups allow one scoring drive. Bo looks great again, he'll have more touchdowns than incompletions again, and Tank busts a 50+ yard score in the first quarter. On to Penn State.”

Picked on September 9, 2021